San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area CA Multi-Unit Residential Properties

We specialize in converting 2-4 unit residential buildings and other small-scale buildings into condominiums. Increase equity and achieve individual home ownership through condo conversion.

Fast Track Condo Conversion™ Services

WHITE TIGER specializes in converting 2-4 unit residential buildings and other small-scale properties in San Francisco and other Bay Area cities into condominiums. We help property owners increase equity and achieve individual home ownership by legally subdividing a multi-unit residential property into separate condo homes. Our experienced team will guide you through the process - from start to finish. We will protect your property from potential negative impacts and help you anticipate future market trends. President and Founder Jen Chan


WHITE TIGER is dedicated to helping property owners complete their condo conversion as quickly and painlessly. We transform the complex process of condo conversion by taking a straightforward, streamlined approach. Our associates include some of the foremost experts in their fields, including attorney Andy Sirkin, who is considered the father of Bay Area TICs. Collectively, our network of professionals has decades of experience in real estate and condo conversions and has worked on hundreds of projects in the Bay Area.

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Service Areas Include: San Francisco CA, Oakland CA, Bay Area